About Dr Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD

I am a medical doctor who loves the science of medicine, but really, what I love the most is life itself and everything that has to do with living, breathing, smiling, loving. That is why I decided to become a medical doctor when I was 7 years old, because I wanted to save lives, take away the people’s pain, to prolong their lives, to help them create a world of wellness and health for themselves and the ones around them.
Brief biography:
I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon.
I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I sub-specialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy.
I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Association.
I have practiced medical science for 30 years.


Now, cycling has become a part of my way of life, not only because of the health benefits that I feel from it, but because ALL the benefits that cycling has brought to my world, and believe me, those are many.

I am glad you are in my website, enjoy reading and have a good time in life.

11 Responses to About Dr Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD

  1. Jean says:

    Obviously you love cycling, at least to write about pro cycling. However alot of it is focused on male champions. How about telling us some more about females who are good at it also? Just my perspective as a non-competitive, long time cyclist who respects the male competitive cyclists but wishes there was more blogging about female competitive cyclists.

    Should be interesting who from the Tour de France, will compete in the Summer Olympics next month.

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    • No, I just don´t love cycling….I ADORE cycling. Cycling is my life and my passion. I blog about everything related to cycling. You could have scrolled down a bit on the first page and you would have found out a very interesting article I wrote about 6 amazing women who just finished the Female Tour de France 2012 on Saturday 21st. Sorry you missed it. It was very exciting to watch these amazing women climb up the pyranees.and the Alpes. Just for your information, they did made it on time to the Elysees Champs.

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  2. Abel says:

    I know the China Security & keylogger Technology, Inc.
    If you would like to turn the call over to CSST’s Investor Relations team Amy Tang. In his short-waisted grey jacket and black denim trousers, Cross, a private investigator, actor, who never knows what adventure lies ahead.


  3. Jody and Ken says:

    Hi, Martha–Thanks for spreading the word about Bicycle Spring Rolls. Always nice to find a fellow cyclist and blogger. Ken

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  4. Jody and Ken says:

    Oh, and of course as fellow cyclist-bloggers we now have to follow you. Cheers. Ken


  5. steffturner says:

    Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for re-blogging my post “in or out?”.


  6. merrildsmith says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and re-posting my latest post!


    • You are very welcome!


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  8. Tony says:

    Dr. Noriega – thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. I am always happy to have someone new join the group, but you are specially welcome as a fellow cyclist. I am looking forward to visiting your blog, too. Enjoy the ride!

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    • Thank you, Tony, for stopping by and writing a comment. I am looking forward to visiting your blog, too.


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