Facebook Is For Lonely Idiots Part I

Dra. Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD

People who feel lonely and have no real relationships are on Facebook, and the ones that have the need to “promote” a “cause” and post disgusting pictures and videos, let me tell you the truth: THEY ARE MENTALLY SICK.

I would not be surprised if in the near future Facebook ends up to be a major cesspool, just like MySpace and Hi5 are now.

Yes, I do think that Facebook is vulgar, low class and retarded. It is made for people who lack of enough intelligence to create their own Website, coding, HTML, and more. Facebook lovers are ignorant losers who are gullible, they have no self-esteem or very little of it.

All of the biggest conformists I know are on Facebook . A lot of my least conforming friends, who are the deepest thinkers, are NOT on Facebook. Same with intelligence, all the stupid people I know, are on Facebook.

If you, my dear reader, are on Facebook now and you feel offended for what I am writing, you should calm down, open your mind, think about your attitude on Facebook, agree with me and go and cancel your account in that platform. Anyways, Wall Street Facebook stocks are going down, why to be part of their fall out?

P.S. I was on Facebook for 4 months to do an experiment: I got 2,894 “friends” and 3,538 followers in that period. Facebook is too darn easy to handle, so easy it bored me to tears, that fast. I will keep blogging my intake over what I found out on my Facebook experiment in following posts.

“I am going to live forever”—Dra. Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD ©

About Dra Martha Andrea Castro Médico WMA
I live in the Science Universe, Cycling World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Asociation. I have been practicing medical science for 28 years. In my private life I am a competitive amateur cyclist, animal lover, acoustic guitar player and song writer. My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going....AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED!

14 Responses to Facebook Is For Lonely Idiots Part I

  1. I block who I need to block. and slowly but surely, FB learns to hide what I don’t like seeing any more (politics, ranting, etc). slowly but surely, i see less and less unsavory stuff on FB. I only keep my positive and happy friends. It works for me.

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    • I am glad you made it work for you. Cheers.


  2. Lucy Pedals says:

    Facebook sucks, I simply use Instagram and Pinterest as my photo exchange mediums, inviting only family and close friends to follow me there.

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    • FB sucks, indeed, and it is getting worse. Cheers.


  3. Dr. Zavala P. Raúl says:

    Perfect article. It hit the nail on the head. I deleted my Facebook 2-years ago. Best thing I ever did!!!

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  4. I’m looking forward to hearing what you learn in light of your experiment, Doc.

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  5. Facebook. Never had it. Never will. For Idiots only.

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  6. All so true, and the most important one for me: Many people use Facebook either just to gossip or to post incredibly trivial things about their lives (e.g. “I just ate a chicken sandwich from X restaurant” )– good for you, Doc!
    I deleted my account 3 years ago and never looked back.

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    • Yay, freedom from Failbook!!!


  7. mishscifimusings says:

    I agree 100% with your article. The people I know in “real” life keep in contact with me either in person, by phone, or other private means. I do not have FB and do not like it, plain and simple. Great article and well said, Doctora. It takes critical thinking skills to compose blog articles or write letters to friends using complete sentences and thoughts. I prefer that to the shorthand people use on the social media.

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    • I love your comment: “CRITICAL THINKING”…


  8. mindytough says:

    I agree with Dr. Castro 100 per cent. How I didn’t quit Facebook during the last presidential campaign, I’ll never know. The willingness of so many to spew half-baked punditry that almost assuredly alienates them from half of their friends—and convinces precisely no one of their opinion—boggles the mind! Yes, these offenders are buoyed by the 10 Likes they get from the people who think similarly, but scores more harden their opinion in opposition and are likely offended in the process. (If this point doesn’t resonate with you, you may be an offender.)

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  9. Fakebook is for people who have nothing important to do in life. Had an account 3 years ago canceled it and never went back to it.


    • Fakebook, Failbook……….LOL yes, both are correct!


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