I Can´t Get Lance Armstrong Out Of My Head

It´s not secret that I used to admire Lance Armstrong like no one else in the world, before all the fiasco, before he admitted to doping, cheating and lying. Sheesh, was I shocked and saddened. My hero was fading away. I was so naive for thinking that any cyclist could do what he did the honest way.

But I grew up, got mad at him for long time, but now, watching some videos of his best Tour de France cycling times, I remember what I used to feel watching him pedal away, dancing on the pedal while climbing The Alps. The emotions came back, inspiration remembered, and thought to myself: I can enjoy watching Lance Armstrong Tour de France cycling videos for motivation. It would be just like going to Disneyland, you know everything it’s fake but still, it makes you happy, well, as long as you know it’s wonderland.


About Dra Martha Andrea Castro Médico WMA
I live in the Science Universe, Cycling World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Asociation. I have been practicing medical science for 28 years. In my private life I am a competitive amateur cyclist, animal lover, acoustic guitar player and song writer. My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going....AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED!

5 Responses to I Can´t Get Lance Armstrong Out Of My Head

  1. Tony says:

    Very nice post. I shared your enthusiasm for Lance and his Tour achievements. I used to watch the Tour with my pre-teen daughter and root for Lance and America. I was devastated at his treachery. My feeling now is that Lance was like a movie actor playing one of his hero roles. We can enjoy the hero without believing he is the actor. We don’t really believe it is actor Bruce Willis foiling that villain. Anyway, thanks for your post and bringing up the subject for us cyclists.

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  2. Agreed! The Tour hasn’t been nearly as exciting to watch as it was during Lance’s reign. His Alpha male personality played as big a role in the show as his dominance over the entire doping peloton. And whether the American bicycle industry wants to admit it or not, they have Lance Armstrong to thank for the growth they have enjoyed over the last decade.

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  3. That´s right, Doc. He doped in an era dominated by dopers, rode 5 winning tours without falling off his bike, treated his rivals like crap and his team mates like dirt which sounds a lot to me like a lot of serial winners from all sorts of walks of life. The straight up fact is that he was the best Le Tour rider ever.


  4. muppetalex1 says:

    Yeah, it used to be great, but now he has spoiled it for the rest. Chris Froom had urine thrown at him during LeTour, because they feel that anybody that good must be doping. It is going to take a lot for the sport to recover from the reputation that Armstrong has handed us.



    • Lance wasn´t the only one doping. Those complaining about Armstrong have welcomed back into the TdF many riders that were doping at the same time and after Armstrong. Froom himself has been accused of doping.

      Instead of giving Armstrong the attention, perhaps they should have given the charity the attention with Armstrong as a side note similar to the way they give the top riders in the TdF the attention and sometimes mention the other team riders as a side note.


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