Black White Gray Yellow Brown Cats Who Cares?

Superstition, ignorance and uneducated people in this world of ours are abundant, unfortunately for many black cats which do not get to be adopted based on the stupid belief that black cats bring bad luck. And this is why I adopt any cat, I don´t care about the color, race, nor breed. Black cats are beautiful, intelligent, cute, royal and loyal and extremely clean. I truly do not understand some people’s insane mindset.


About Dra Martha Andrea Castro Médico WMA
I live in the Science Universe, Cycling World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Asociation. I have been practicing medical science for 28 years. In my private life I am a competitive amateur cyclist, animal lover, acoustic guitar player and song writer. My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going....AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED!

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