Cycling Day T+2: Honningsvåg

Happy Cycling Thursday Day: REBLOGGING #1

As the sun peeks over the hill at 5am, it’s just me and a certain bicycle waiting by the quayside in Honningsvåg for the start of our long and hopefully leisurely journey back to Yorkshire. The MS Lofoten has yet to dock but when it does it’s a quick turnaround as we set sail for Bergen (via every port along the coast of western Norway, or so it appears) at 5.45. The ten-point plan is as follows…

  1. Hurtigruten ship (the Death on the Nile lookalike MS Lofoten) to Bergen, arriving on Monday 4th August at 2.30pm.
  2. Stay overnight in Bergen (not yet booked).
  3. Overnight ferry from Bergen to Hirtshal, Denmark on Tuesday 5th (booked).
  4. Err… Train(s) south to The Netherlands?
  5. Overnight ferry from Rotterdam to Hull on Thursday/Friday?
  6. Trans Pennine Express train from Hull to Huddersfield.
  7. Cycle from Huddersfield to Blackley.
  8. Go to Golden Feece Inn.
  9. Drink beer.
  10. Be escorted…

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About Dra Martha Andrea Castro Médico WMA
I live in the Science Universe, Cycling World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Asociation. I have been practicing medical science for 28 years. In my private life I am a competitive amateur cyclist, animal lover, acoustic guitar player and song writer. My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going....AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED!

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