My New Bike Rocks Review It!

Posted by Dr. Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD

I finally got my new SCOTT Foil Premium 2015 bicycle! I am so anxious to ride it for a long long bike ride. I have tried it and it feels extra smooth on the road, very aerodynamic, and even on steep hills climbing just got a lot easier, of course, I have the muscles for it but why sweat it harder when I can get this awesome machine that screams: RIDE ME UP!

It is made of Aero HMX full fiber carbon frame, Zipp 404 carbon clincher wheels and Shimano Dura Ace Di2, and these “little” factors make this bike attractive, stiff, aerodynamic and tiny bit expensive for some wallets. But hey, we love the bikes, we love to pedal, the price of a magnificent machine like this one should not matter.




About Dra Martha Andrea Castro Médico WMA
I live in the Science Universe, Cycling World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Asociation. I have been practicing medical science for 28 years. In my private life I am a competitive amateur cyclist, animal lover, acoustic guitar player and song writer. My legs keep the wheels turning, my spirit keeps me going....AND MY BRAIN KEEPS ME BALANCED!

5 Responses to My New Bike Rocks Review It!

  1. andiecolnat says:

    You got yourself a beautiful bike, Doc!


  2. Nice machine, 5 +


  3. Rebeca Parts says:

    I love Scott bikes. They are slim, fast and reliable. Love it.


  4. bgddyjim says:

    Oh, now that’s beautiful!


  5. muppetalex1 says:

    Yum. Nice bike Doc. I must admit to drooling over a Canyon Aerod, but I don’t think the wife would go for a mad plastic moment.



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