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I am a medical doctor who loves the science of medicine, I love life itself and everything that has to do with living, breathing, smiling, loving. That is why I decided to become a medical doctor when I was 7 years old, because I wanted to save lives, take people’s pain away, to prolong their lives and to help them create a world of wellness and health for themselves and for the ones around them.
Brief biography:
I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon.02I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I sub-specialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy.
I am a Certified Medical Doctor by the World Medical Association. I have multiple post-graduate studies accredited by diplomas and certificates, issued by several Mexico, United States, United Kingdom and Germany Universities and Hospitals.
I have practiced medical science for 34 years.

More about me, as a person who loves life:

Cycling has become a part of my way of life, not only because of the health benefits that I get from it, but because of ALL the benefits that cycling has brought to my world, and believe me, those are many. I love nature, I consume everything organic and so my daughter. I believe that we, as parents, need to teach our children good habits so they can have a great, healthy and prosperous lives.

Singing, playing guitar is a hobby that I still practice and gives me lots of comfort and good times with friends and family.

I am glad you are in my website, enjoy reading and have a good time in life.

Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

Who doesn’t love student life? Endless friends and possibilities to meet new people. The option to go out every night of the week. Living with your best pals. And the four months of endless summer …

Source: Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

Cancer Metastasic Melanoma

The years 2011–16 represent a watershed era in melanoma history. This period has seen the approval of several molecularly targeted or immunotherapy drugs that meaningfully improve outcomes for patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma. Targeting the MAP kinase (MAPK) pathway through combined BRAF and MEK inhibition has been very successful, yet the eventual development of resistance through reactivation of MAPK signalling is nearly inevitable. Paolo Ascierto and colleagues report the extended follow-up results of the coBRIM phase 3 trial evaluating the addition of the MEK inhibitor cobimetinib to the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib in patients with previously untreated BRAF-mutant metastatic melanoma.

Juan Gabriel Fallece en California

Lamento tanto la muerte de Juan Gabriel, tanto que este día quedará marcado en mi corazón musical por siempre. Gracias a este Divo de Juárez mi vida siempre siguió su curso, a sus canciones que me dieron vida, sonrisas, amigos, triunfos también.

Se fué, muy pronto, a destiempo. Es una injusticia universal que seres humanos como él dejen de respirar en esta tierra nuestra tan súbitamente, tan rápidamente, aún siendo tan vital, tan dadivoso, TAN HUMANO.

Mi corazón y mi alma lloran por su partida, y siempre le recordaré con amor, respeto y agradecimiento.


Cycling Dog

Cuttest pic of the day!


Lupita Gonzalez Wins Silver in Río

Lupita González, mexican athlete, wins silver today in 20 kms race walk at the Olympic Games in Río. Lupita remained in the leading group in the first 12 kilometers, putting a good fight, effort and courage, she never slowed down, she kept on going and secured her medal.


Lupita González Marchista Mexicana Medalla Plata en Juegos Olímpicos Río 2016

Most Beautiful Car and Bicycle Lamborghini

No other car that takes my breath away like the beautiful Lamborghini!


Cyclist Haters Exposeé Starting With Richard Freeman

I first exposed this guy back on 2010, and now I find myself on the need to make a series of posts exposing more cyclist haters, simply because we, cyclists, love the practice of bicycling in all its forms and we need and have to share the road with everyone, good ones, bad ones, and sometimes even psychos. But I want to admit that I love to talk about cycling and exposing retard cycling haters is so much fun for me. So, here it goes:

Richard Freeman is a dunce guy who lives off Dyers Pass Road, a popular road for cyclists and tourists in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. He owns the Sign of the Takahe, a restaurant that is located on 200 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere, Christchurch rest of the contact information like phone numbers and business email address to reach Richard Freeman are at the bottom of his restaurant Website.


It is incredible to me that a business man who owns such a prosperous, classic, historic and beautiful restaurant has the time to think about how to kill cyclists on the road with his Hummer.
This story started to come to light and made the international news after Freeman made several comments of hate against cyclists on a Yahoo cycling forum under the alias of ‘MR58SHOTAGAIN’.

Richard Freeman said to press:

“Do you really think a pack of homo cyclists scare me? Go shave ya legs lightweight. In fact I challenge anyone wearing spandex and shaved legs to get to my front door unharmed. I’ll wager a light $10k they wont!”

“I drive a black H2 Hummer and have put 2 into the curb over the last 6 months. Stay off the f…..road or I’m gonna nail ya!


I have a message for this IDIOT, Richard Freeman. Some cyclists could or could not be homosexuals but certainly, the fact that cyclist men shave their legs has NOTHING to do with their sexual orientation, but don’t worry, I won’t explain to you the reasons of their leg shaving, I would just waste MY precious time since, obviously, you lack of gray brain matter, you ignoramus.

México Es Todo Juan Gabriel Song Video

                                          MÉXICO IS GREAT!   cropped-fruits1-999x1340

Juan Gabriel is one of my favorite song-writers of the whole wide world. Because he has so much to say, to write, to compose. He always makes music and lyrics that up lift my spirit in every way. I have been his faithful admirer since I was 17 years old and he had just started his musical career. He has never disappointed me, unlike many others have, such as loser Lance Armstrong.

Anyways, enjoy this beautiful song that Juan Gabriel, proudly a Mexican song-writer, artist, singer, poet, made about my wonderful country: MÉXICO. VIVA MÉXICO, yes sir!

Mexico is great, divine, exotic, authentic, dynamic. Mexico IS MY LOVE, inspires me, it´s my land, my soul and my heart. Mexico is my thought, my nation, my friend, my devotion, my father, my mother, my god, my freedom, my happiness. I WANT MÉXICO to triumph, to be happy, to be free! Mexico is the place of eternity, I want to hear you sing, I want to see you dance, live always free, VIVA MÉXICO!


I Am Living Forever

…just because


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